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Cross roller guide PEXY100-300K [Electric XY platform]
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  • Equipment Overview:
  • Equipment structure:

  • Equipment performance:
    Product model PEXY100-300K
    mechanical structure Table size(mm) 300×300 300×300
    X, Y axis stroke 100 100
    Ball screw diameter ∅8 ∅8
    Screw lead 4 4
    guide rail Cross roller guide
    Main material surface treatment aluminum alloy anodic oxidation were black
    Accuracy of description The resolution of the mm 0.02
    Maximum speed: mm/sec 33
    Repeated positioning accuracy
    Absolute positioning accuracy 12μ
    straightness 80μ
    parallelism 180μ
    Table surface flatness 100μ
    Electrical specifications The motor model 42BYG
    Operating voltage(V) DC24V
    stepping angle 1.8°
    The sensor Origin sensor There is no
    Limit sensor exist
    model Proximity switch
    Operating voltage(V) DC5­24V±10%
    Working current ≤50ma
    Power interface model RS232 serial port 9 pin male connector
    bear the weight of Horizontal service center (kg) 40kg
    self-respect With the motor (kg) 8.5kg

  • Specification table

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