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Cross roller guide LZT-8010 [The z axis sliding table]
  • Summary
  • structure
  • performance
  • Specification table
  • Equipment Overview:
  • Equipment structure:

  • Equipment performance:
    Product model LZT-8010
    Structure describing trip 10mm
    The mesa of mm 80×80
    Drive way Ball screw pair
    lead 1mm
    Guide form Cross roller guide
    Stepper motor (1.8 °) 28BYG
    The main body material Aluminum alloy
    Surface treatment Anodic oxidation blackens
    Center bearing 5kg
    Self-weight (including motor) 1.2kg
    Accuracy of description The resolution of the 5μ(no subdivision)
    Maximum speed 10mm/sec
    Repeated positioning accuracy 10μ
    Absolute positioning accuracy   12μ
    straightness   30μ
    Motion parallelism   50μ
    pitch   25″
    The deflection   20″
    Return clearance   2μ
    Throw the step   2μ

  • Specification table

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