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Cross roller bearings HRP-87-ST [Hollow rotating platform]
  • Summary
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  • Equipment Overview:
  • Equipment structure:

  • Equipment performance:
    Product model HRP-87-ST
    Structure describing Table size(mm)  ∅70
    Transmission ratio 6;1
    The transmission way Helical gear
    The adjusting range is ° 360°
    The bearing form Cross roller bearings
    Main material - surface treatment aluminum alloy anodic oxidation were black
    Accuracy of description The resolution of the(sec) ≤5
    Repeated positioning accuracy(min) ≤1
    alignment μm 15
    Table parallelism μm 20
    bear the weight of The thrust load(KG) 60
    Inertial load(N.m) 60
    self-respect (without electric motor)kg 1.3
    Rated torque (N.m) 6
    Precision life (h) 20000hrs
    Allowed speed (RPM) 200
    The motor type Two-phase 57 step motor
    The hollow hole ∅33
    Type of installation vertical
    Protection grade IP40

  • Specification table

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