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Curved ball guide EAD10-60W [Electric corner table]
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  • Equipment Overview:
  • Equipment structure:

  • Equipment performance:
    Product model EAD10-60W
    Structure describing Table size(mm) 60×60
    Transmission ratio   1:352
    The transmission way Worm gear and worm
    The adjusting range is ° ±10°
    Height of center of rotation 50±0.2mm
    Stepper motor (1.8 °) 28BYG
    The main body material aluminum alloy anodic oxidation were black
    Center bearing 5kg
    Accuracy of description Guide form Curved ball guide
    The resolution of the Material 0.005 ° = 18 "(no breakdown) material 1" (20)
    Maximum speed (full step) 7°/sec
    Repeated positioning accuracy ±4″
    Center of rotation accuracy 0.03mm
    self-respect 0.75KG
    Absolute positioning accuracy ±9″
    The driving voltage DC24
    Working current ma ≤50

  • Specification table

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