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Cross roller guide XYR-120 [Combined electric platform]
  • Summary
  • structure
  • performance
  • Specification table
  • Equipment Overview:
  • Equipment structure:

  • Equipment performance:
    Product model XYR-120
    Structure describing Mesa dimension ¢120
    X, Y axis stroke 30
    R axis stroke ±10°
    Ball screw diameter Φ8
    Screw lead 2.5
    guide Cross roller guide
    Accuracy of description Main material - surface treatment aluminum alloy anodic oxidation were black
    X,Y axis resolution mm 0.0125
    R axis resolution ° 0.0085°
    X.Y axis maximum speed: mm/ SEC 25
    R axis maximum speed: mm/ SEC 20
    X and Y axis repeat positioning accuracy
    Absolute positioning accuracy of X and Y axes 10μ
    R axis repeated positioning accuracy ±0.01°
    Absolute positioning accuracy of R axis 0.05°
    straightness 0.015mm
    parallelism 0.03mm
    Electrical specifications Table surface flatness 0.03mm
    The motor model 28BYG
    Operating voltage(V) DC24
    stepping angle 1.8
    The sensor Origin sensor
    Limit sensor
    model Miniature photoelectric lighting
    Operating voltage DC5­24V±10%
    Working current ≤50ma
    Power interface model RS232 serial port 9 pin male connector
    bear the weight of Horizontal service center (kg) 25
    self-respect With the motor (kg) 4.2

  • Specification table

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